INVOLI Partner Program

Empowering drone safety thanks to your infrastructure

Welcome to the INVOLI Partner Program, an exclusive opportunity to actively contribute to drone safety by hosting an INVOLI air traffic receiver on your available infrastructure. You can play a pivotal role in ensuring the safe integration of drones into airspace while capitalizing on your assets.

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Your journey

  • Express Interest: Reach out to us, sharing details about your infrastructure.
  • Site Assessment: Our team will collaborate with you to identify optimal installation points.
  • Installation & Setup: With our guidelines, ensure sensors are positioned for peak performance.
  • Go Live: Start playing an active role in drone safety and begin capitalizing on your infrastructure.

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What we seek

  • Strategic Locations: Infrastructure that offers optimal line of sight for aerial monitoring, such as high-rise buildings, communication masts, or other elevated structures.
  • Collaborative Spirit: A willingness to work closely with us to ensure smooth installation and maintenance processes.
  • Long-term Vision: Partners who understand the potential of the emerging drone economy and its implications for the future.

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INVOLI technology proven benefits

  • Compact & Adaptable: Easily deployable on any existing infrastructure with a good line of sight.
  • Efficient: Low power consumption with a maximum of 8w.
  • Connectivity: Multiple options including ethernet and LTE modules.
  • Durable: Weatherproof (IP66) and shielded against interference.
  • Certified: Compliant with FCC and CE certifications.
  • Comprehensive Detection: Captures signals from all major aircraft electronic conspicuity.
  • Remote Management & Proven Reliability: Offering ease of operation and peace of mind.
  • Low Maintenance: Our commitment is a seamless experience with minimal upkeep costs.

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