End-to-end air traffic detection solution




Cooperative air traffic receiver


Remote ID drone tracker


Air traffic visualisation platform and tools


New generation of cooperative air traffic surveillance sensors

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Wide range of detection capabilities

ADS-B, Mode S, Mode A/C, FLARM, UAT, Broadcast RID

Support SW-based Multilateration

INVOLI proprietary Multilateration algorithm are developed around the G-1090 receivers precise time stamps

Seamless integration with INVOLI.live

Each G-1090 Receiver is conceived to be directly integrated with INVOLI-live

Tailored to your needs

Each ADS-B receiver can be completed by a second antenna within the detection capabilities line: UAT, FLARM or Remote ID


Weatherproof IP66

Multiple connectivity options

The receivers can be powered through PoE or LTE connectivity (indoor and outdoor) 


REMOTE ID compliance and much more

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Broadcast and Network Remote ID compliant

Allows to broadcast drone identity and position to the authorities and general public using 4g or Wi-Fi technologies


The tracker weighs less than 50 grams

Autonomous battery

3h30 life with position every 1 sec

Real-Time fleet tracking

INVOLI.live allows web visualisation of Network Remote ID traffic

Interoperability between systems

 INVOLI.live API allows drone traffic integration into a third-party software


Cutting-edge air traffic platform

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Data processing

Cloud-based platform that aggregates, processes and analyzes, large volumes of air traffic data detected by the G-1090 receivers

Network manager

Web interface to manage and monitor your entire G-1090 receivers network


In-house developed multilateration algorithms, which enhance the quality and reliability of the air traffic data

Live traffic visualisation display

Web interface to visualize in real-time manned and unmanned air traffic

Conflict alerts

Web interface to configure geofences and air traffic alerts

Traffic filtering

Web interface to filter air traffic data streams according to the signal type, or frequency

Application programming interface (API)

API to integrate air traffic data with 3rd party applications or DAA solutions

Data analytics

INVOLI can provide personalized data analytics reports leveraging air traffic data to make informed decisions

Network coverage map

​Multi-layer map that provides an intuitive visualization of the surveillance coverage performance at different altitudes

Traffic density map

Multi-Layer map that provides air traffic density at different altitudes



We help you define an air traffic detection strategy by analyzing you airspace, the infrastructure needed to meet your safety objective and budget your investments

Deploy & Connect

Install the receivers, they will automatically connect to INVOLI.live platform so you can instantly get access to safety-critical air traffic data


INVOLI.live offers you all the tools to control your airspace, improve safety and meet your compliance and audit obligations.

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