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The Swiss Federation of Civil Drones and INVOLI announce a collaboration to offer air risk collision-mitigation services to drone operators in Switzerland.
August 26, 2022 by
Nataliya Mayaki
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Lausanne, Switzerland - INVOLI and the Swiss Federation of Civil Drones (SFCD - Drohnenverband) are pleased to announce a collaboration to promote the use of drone Remote ID trackers among SFCD members. The collaboration will extend to offer INVOLI’s air traffic surveillance infrastructure to provide air risk collision mitigation services to drone operators in Switzerland, in compliance with U-space regulations.

INVOLI, a complete and reliable air traffic data provider for drone operations, and the Swiss Federation of Civil Drones (SFCD), representing the Swiss drone operators, announce a strategic collaboration to promote the use of drone Remote ID trackers, Air Traffic Awareness and surveillance solutions for safe, efficient, and scalable drone operations in Switzerland.

Remote ID is the drone equivalent of a car license plate, but digital. There are two different
solutions to transmit the Remote ID of a drone: through network integration or via broadcast. Both broadcast and network Remote ID are being implemented in Europe as a result of the new EU Drone Regulation (2019/945) and U-space Regulation (2021/664), respectively. From a hardware perspective, it can be implemented in several ways: (i) embedded in the drone, (ii) using software-based telemetry through ground control system integration (iii) or with plug-and-play tracking device to be attached to the drone. The adoption of Remote ID was slowed down by the difficulty to certify drones with the embedded technology, but other solutions became available and can be used to allow huge benefits for the safety of drone operations already today. 

The collaboration will focus on the Remote ID solutions with INVOLI offering to all SFDC members a special price on the LEMAN RemoteID drone tracker. The tracker was specifically developed to follow the ASTM Remote ID Standard F3411-19 and ASD-STAN 4709-002, and thus it complies with both FAA and EU applicable framework, being at the same time CE and FCC certified.

The collaboration of INVOLI and SFDC will also bring drone operators a joint training program on RemoteID, Traffic Information, Mid Air Collision Risk Mitigation and other U-space Services to enable more secure and safe activities in the Swiss sky.

INVOLI is also unlocking a unique opportunity to test its Surveillance Safety Service available in Switzerland for drone pilots, authorities, and enterprise customers via INVOLI.live platform or INVOLI API stream. This comprehensive real-time air traffic information services will facilitate safe, complex, BVLOS and autonomous drone operations, such as delivery, large-scale agriculture support, inspection, mapping, and countless other use cases.

“We're all working together for the same objective of facilitating drone flights and allowing cutting-edge innovative drone applications that have enormous economic opportunity and represent the future of transportation. We are also open to discuss with other countries' drones associations to help them increase awareness of Remote ID and Traffic Information Services.” said INVOLI CEO and Co-founder Manu Lubrano. He also added “A partnership like this is a first on the international level. Once again, Switzerland demonstrates to be the most forward looking country in the world for commercial drone operations”.

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