New air traffic receiver G-1090

INVOLI launches sales of a new air traffic receiver: the G-1090

Lausanne, Switzerland - In its vision to enable a sky where drones fly safely alongside manned aviation,INVOLI launches a new generation air traffic signal receiver: the G-1090, specifically created to resist to harshest weather and electronically noisy environments and to bear the CE/FCC label.

The G-1090 detects aviation transponder signals ADS-B, Mode S, Mode A/C and FLARM and it natively supports INVOLI Multilateration, enabling a comprehensive view of the air traffic. The receiver is designed to be installed over telecommunication and aviation infrastructure, but not only. It can be installed in a matter of minutes by simply mounting it on a pole and connecting it to an Ethernet cable with internet connectivity and Power over Ethernet and, it can optionally communicate data via 4G.

Raphael Zaugg, CTO of INVOLI says “We wanted to provide a receiver that allows our clients to increase their air traffic awareness in the simplest way, with a quality / cost ratio that has not been reached before for such a product”.
All aircraft detected by the G-1090 are visible on advanced visualization and operation platform for drones. Alternatively, the data can be injected directly into third-party software by using INVOLI API.
Manu Lubrano, CEO of INVOLI adds “BVLOS drone operations can be possible exclusively when a clear picture of the surrounding area is available. We also think that while the drone industry is establishing itself more and more in the aviation industry, all products and services developed for such industry should respond to a better level of quality with the proper certifications and tests”.

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Nataliya Mayaki August 23, 2022
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INVOLI launches G-1090 receivers' product line
In its mission to enable a sky where drones fly safely alongside manned aviation, INVOLI expands air traffic detection capabilities with a complete product line of ground-based surveillance receivers, detecting all regular aviation signals and addressing even the most complex of operations