INVOLI announces new ASTM Standard on SDSP

February 22, 2024 by
INVOLI announces new ASTM Standard on SDSP
INVOLI SA, Manu Lubrano
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Lausanne, February 22nd, 2024: INVOLI leads the way in Drone Air Traffic Management with finalization and publication of Supplemental Data Service Provider ASTM standard

INVOLI, global leader and provider of solutions for integrating drones flying BVLOS into air traffic, is thrilled to announce the finalization and publication of a groundbreaking industry standard, poised to reshape the future of aerial mobility.

Titled "F3623-23 - Standard Specification for Surveillance Supplementary Data Service Providers" the newly published ASTM standard embodies INVOLI’s commitment to providing comprehensive and verified air traffic data solutions for drones. Co-led by the company’s CEO, Manu Lubrano, this standard marks a significant milestone in enhancing the safety and efficiency of drone operations worldwide.

"At INVOLI, our mission is to safely and efficiently open the sky to all flying objects, and the publication of this standard represents a major step towards realizing that vision," said Manu Lubrano. "Thanks to this standard, the provision of surveillance data for drone operations gains in maturity, by defining performances and strategies to improve reliability and quality of such services.”

There are 3 pillars of this new standard: (1) a live data stream of surveillance data, to feed the #DAA (Detect And Avoid) of a drone system; (2) a live coverage map & health monitoring stream, to provide live coverage together with the parameters of the surveillance system and (3) an SLA, to define responsibilities between supplier and user.

Developed through collaborative efforts and industry expertise, the standard provides essential guidelines and best practices for the provision of surveillance data for drone operations. Manu Lubrano played a pivotal role in guiding the development and finalization of this standard. His dedication, expertise, and leadership have been instrumental in reaching the absolute consensus of the industry.

"We are proud to lead the way in drone air traffic management and contribute to the advancement of the industry," said Olivier Quero, INVOLI’s Chief Business Officer. "This standard represents a collaborative effort to make a concrete step in a world where drone operators can use services like this. Furthermore, it provides legislators and Civil Aviation Authorities with a solid basis for regulation and authorization, representing the state of the art and the industry’s perspective”.

INVOLI extends its gratitude to all collaborators, contributors, and stakeholders who have supported the development and publication of this standard. Their collective efforts have been essential in driving innovation and promoting safety within the drone ecosystem. Special kudos goes to the other two co-leader of the standard: Akaki Kunchulia and previously Jacob Goldsberry, whose contribution and leadership were paramount for the success of the standardization efforts.

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