LEMAN RID tracker European version


LEMAN Remote ID tracker

WiFi Broadcast Remote ID enabled
Standalone 4G LTE/GPS tracking device for Network Remote ID (SIM card NOT included)
Frequency band: Europe: B1, B3, B7 and B8,
GPS Chip: accuracy 5m horizontally, 15m- vertically
Battery life: 900mAh/3.7V Lithium polymer battery: 3h30 with position every 1 sec
Refresh time: down to 1s
Latency: <2s
IP67 waterproof
Real-Time GPS Tracking
SIM card: Nano type
Dimensions: 61*45*19mm
Weight: 47g
Charge: USB-C Dock Station
Certification: CE / FCC
LED Light: 2 LED lights indicating GNSS/GSM/Power status

Compliant with ASTM and ASD-STAN standards:
- ASTM Remote Identification F3411-22a
- ASD-STAN 4709-002 standard
- EC Delegated Regulation ( EU)2019/945
- EU U-Space Regulation (EU)2021/664

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    Make your drone compliant with the Remote ID Standard (Network & Broadcast) and track your drone fleet in real-time.

    INVOLI LEMAN RID Tracker is the easiest way to track your fleet in real-time to:

    • Get situational awareness of your ongoing operations
    • Deconflict against other aircraft
    • Control the conformance
    • Produce auditable data
    • Protect your fleet investments

    Our drone tracking and Remote ID solution is a combination of a plug-and-play device, a Network Remote ID server, and a set of visualization, alerting, and API services that allow you to track drone traffic in real-time and be compliant with Remote ID international regulations. 

    Key benefits and features

    Discover the key features and benefits of drone tracker.We offer Remote ID trackers compatible with both broadcast and network requirements for all drones, along with access to our all-in-one drone tracking and visualization platform or aggregated stream of data.

    Real-time tracking to conduct safer operations

    • BVLOS drone operations risk mitigation
    • Small impact on drone capabilities :
      • Lightweight
      • Small size 
      • Long battery run-time
      • Easy installation
    • Find your drone in case of crash or loss
    • Drones fleet live to monitor

    Better than ADS-B drone transponder

    • Better coverage in a complex environment
    • 10 times cheaper
    • Does not overload local air traffic control

    Data transmitted by tracker:

    • Tracker position (GPS Longitude, Latitude, Altitude), WGS84
    • Tracker speed and heading (calculated on INVOLI's server)
    • Tracker data (quality GPS signal, quality GSM signal, battery charge level)

    Technical specifications

    Download technical specifications to find all the software, hardware, and provided data information in your technical specification manual.

    INVOLI mixed hardware and software system comprises ground-based air traffic receivers, Remote ID drone trackers, and an intuitive INVOLI live platform that is made to easily detect the full picture of cooperative air traffic while enabling the required levels of safety and risk mitigation. 

    It is a plug-and-play solution for the smart coverage of uncovered areas, where BVLOS and highly automated drone missions are performed.

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    A web-based platform that helps you manage, process, store and analyse your air traffic data on virtual map in real time.

     A free version to test solution is included with all receivers or trackers purchased.
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    Knowledge base and support

    Visit our knowledge base articles to learn more about our poducts' capabilities and installation. 

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