Complete air traffic surveillance for BVLOS operations: Evaluation kit

Price: 11.490 EUR (includes an Evaluation Kit discount)


The Full BVLOS Test Area Evaluation kit is the perfect solution for the air traffic coverage of small areas, where drone BVLOS test missions are performed. The kit includes everything that is needed to perform Multilateration and detect ADS-B, Mode S, and Mode A/C aircraft for an area of more than 500 square kilometers. On top of that, 5 Leman RID Drone trackers are included in the kit, allowing to display the position of the drones into, without complex software integrations.


Hardware content:

  • 5 G-1090 Air Traffic Receiver with their 1090 MHz antenna
    • All accessories to connect the G-1090 to power and internet (Ethernet cables, Power surge protection, PoE Routers)
    • Options: FLARM receiver + antenna, 4G router (Sim Cards not included)
  • 5 LEMAN RID Drone Trackers (Sim Cards not included)


Software licenses:

  • One unlimited non-commercial evaluation license for, our advanced visualization and operation platform for drones, containing all features
  • One unlimited non-commercial evaluation access to INVOLI API and stream, for data stream integration


Other services Included in the offer:

  • Online demo of the INVOLI system provided for free
  • 2 hours of INVOLI engineers for support in deploying the system (including advice to choose the location to install the receivers) and in API integration.
  • Support to install Sim Cards into the LEMAN Drone Trackers


Price: 11.490 EUR (includes an Evaluation Kit discount)

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