At INVOLI the quality of our products is of utmost priority. We pride ourselves on understanding our customers, as most of us come from the drone industry. We know how much drone operators depend on our technology to provide the time-sensitive surveillance data their operations need. That is why we obsess about the quality, reliability and durability of our solutions.

We also believe that while the drone industry is establishing itself more and more in the aviation industry, all products and services developed for such industry should respond to a better level of quality with the proper certifications and tests.

Here is a list of standards and certifications INVOLI or INVOLI's product comply to:

  • The company INVOLI is certified ISO 9001
  • All INVOLI hardware is certified CE and FCC
  • INVOLI G-1090 air traffic signal receiver is Swiss Made
  • INVOLI is a certified Network Remote ID provider, certified by FOCA (Swiss Aviation Authority)
  • INVOLI's LEMAN drone trackers comply to the ASTM Remote ID Standard F3411-19 and ASD-STAN 4709-002
  • INVOLI G-1090 air traffic signal receivers and INVOLI Multilateration are certified by DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung) in Germany for the commanding of aviation obstacle lights
  • INVOLI's CEO Manu Lubrano co-lead the ASTM standard WK69690 "Surveillance SDSP for UTM", that will allow to certify the stream of surveillance data provided by INVOLI for UTM and DAA (detect-and-avoid) applications

INVOLI's team is constantly involved in the discussion regarding standards for drones and our products are continuously adapted to follow the latest development on these matters.

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