Test our products thanks to our evaluation kits. We have created a bundle of our products and proposed them at an accessible price to allow you to test our technology and approach. You find a quick comparison in the table below:

Evaluation Kit Name / Usage Content Price
Drone tracking and remote identification
  • 1 Leman RID Drone Tracker
199 EUR
Drone and aircraft traffic visualization
  • 1 Leman Drone Tracker
  • 1 G-1090 Air traffic Receiver
on request
  • 5 G-1090 Air traffic Receiver
9,990 EUR
Complete air traffic surveillance for BVLOS operations
  • 5 Leman Drone Tracker
  • 5 G-1090 Air traffic Receiver
11,490 EUR


All evaluation kits come with an unlimited non-commercial evaluation license for INVOLI.live and one access to our INVOLI API and stream.

Contact our sales representative to discuss your needs and obtain an evaluation kit tailored to your operations.